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Sliding panel shutters Aluminum blade door partition shutter aluminum ventilate window

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Aluminum alloy ventilation windows------healthy life, separated by one window

Customized to you with a complete aluminum shutters solution.

Specializing in the production of aluminum shutters to meet individual needs.

Popular sale to Oceanic, European and American countries and regions with universal praise.

Currently, singular wood materials of shutters are replaced by multi-materials of which our aluminium shutters cement its functions in a many-sided manner.

Sliding panel shutters Aluminum blade door partition shutter aluminum ventilate window

Sliding panel shutters use up and down tracks to slide open and close. The sliding panel shutters is a more practical way of opening and is easy to use.


1. Tracks are at the top and bottom,fascia is at sides of top track.

2. Panels can slide at the multiple tracks.

3. You can choose aluminum box at four sides of hole.

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A100 White,A103 Pearl,A107 Black,A108 Silver,A300 Walnut,A202 Light cedar,A203 Golden oak

*we also support customized color services, you can select some colors in the Dulux color block as customized colors Color

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Are aluminium shutters good at keeping light out?

Aluminium shutters are great for keeping the light out, as the slats can be folded to create a tight knit seal that stops all light from entering.

Will aluminium shutters add value to my home?

Yes, as shutters of any kind are considered a permanent fixture, it adds significantly more value to a home than standard window furnishings such as blinds or curtains. As an aluminium shutter is created with a sturdy metal that’s built to last years, they’re considered one of the most valuable window furnishing solutions to install.

Can aluminium shutters reduce my energy bill?

Yes, aluminium shutters can greatly reduce your energy as the tight seals effectively trap in cool air by creating an additional barrier between the window and the outside world. This means you won’t have to have the air conditioner on as much as usual, which is also a big plus for the environment too.

Can aluminium shutters block out noise?

Yes, aluminium shutters are quite effective at blocking out noise and can reduce noise levels by up to 50%. As U Blinds creates your shutters to measure, there won’t be any gaps in the slats to allow noise to creep through.

Are aluminium shutters secure?

Aluminium shutters are very secure, and can act as both a visual and physical deterrent to break ins.

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Usually 2-3 weeks after received deposit.

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Plywood Pallet,Plywood Cases, Suitable for any forklift

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