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Flooring accessory underlay EPE/EVA/IXPE/CORK

  • Product Item:Flooring accessory underlay EPE/EVA/IXPE/CORK
  • Category:underlay
  • Color: white, blue...
  • Thickness: 2mm,3mm or more
  • Product Manual:Flooring accessory underlay EPE/EVA/IXPE/CORK


1) colour: green, white, black, ect 
2) stable quality 
3) lamination film:PE film,, Aluminum Foil, Gold Foil 
4) waterproof 

2.Materials of flooring accessory 

EVA/ EPE/IXPE foam ,non-woven fabric felt    

suitable for Laminate floor/flooring,Wood floor/flooring,Engineered floor/flooring,Hardwood floor/flooring,Floating floor/flooring,Sub-floors,Vinyl tiles,vinyl plank floor,etc.


3.Thickness of flooring accessory 

2mm, 3mm,4mm .5mm (Special design for requirements)


4.Popular roll size of flooring accessory 



5.Usage of  flooring accessory 

floor foam underlay is the isolated layer between floor and ground ,which layed close to ground in order to enhance moisture protection ,flooring protection, increase fexiblity and make the ground flat. mainly used in underlay Laminated flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring etc.


6.Major functions and advantages of flooring accessory 

• Improve underfoot comfort

• Increase appearance retention and reduce flattening
• Absorb to pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear
• Improve thermal insulation and warmth
• Radiant heat:use with radiant heat flooring systems to keep cold out and warmth in
• isolated bubble structure

• light weight ,good flexibility,and cushioning 

• Improves acoustic environment
• Enhance performance of all floor coverings

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